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The Invisible Brain of Plants

May 29, 2008

Among the many things that fill up my day there is the Cathedral project.  A number of years ago I bought a bunch of basswood, presumably to mount some of my toy soldiers.  The mounting never took place and those pieces of wood have sat in one place or another since.  Last week I decided that I should do something with this wood.  So now we have the Cathedral project.  I am building a 1:72 scale Cathedral based on some vague image in my head and old architectural drawings downloaded off the internet.  I am still not entirely sure what it will look when finished but as of today it has a base, an unfinished floor and most of the main structural walls. I think it’ll be beautiful when it’s done.  It is also sort of symbolic of my future which is shaping up as of right now. In the coming weeks I will receive “the answer” ie. whether or not I will be moving to Ottawa to spend 4 years pursuing a Phd.  If not, I will be here still working at a museum, still dealing with some interesting characters, and still applying to doctoral programs.  At this point in the Cathedral project there are still many decisions to be made about design, decoration, and technique, but soon I will make those choices and the church will be done.  Although my future won’t be done in any sense it will be a lot clearer. Yippee!

Now for some writing:

It’s a lonely day and I am waiting

A lonely day and the streets are paved

with the lights I see you in shadow

A lonely day nowhere to go.

And I climb up to see you

and the sky is clearing behind me

And the rolling hills they beg me to stay

So many beginnings

May 28, 2008

and so many ends.  I have tried many times to write a blog about something. Then I remembered I used to have a blog like emailing list way back when I was young and arrogant. I used to just write whatever came into my head, and it felt good. I’d like to do that again.  Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the future in a selfish way.  I’m mostly concerned about my own.  That makes a lot of sense though since I am the only child of people who didn’t particularly want children.  Why would I be concerned about another generation when I probably won’t have anything to do with it? Although in my last two jobs I have been responsible for educating children in some way, so I guess I am involved.  Which brings me to my point, I am planning to take old poems I wrote as a wide eyed OAC and first year student and give them new life as songs.  Lately (ie the last year) I’ve written enough songs about my current situation, it’s time to write about a previous situation.  Maybe I’ll follow it up with a disc of songs about a predicted future only I can imagine.  I love how music makes my life seem so much odder than it is.  I also love that I will be the only person to read this, that is appropriate.