The Lights I See You In Shadow

In the fresh of the morning, when a hundred whitethroats had forgotten it would ever again be anything but sweet and cool, I climbed down the dewy bank and stepped into the Alder Fork.

Aldo Leopold

A Sand County Almanac

In case you were wondering where I came up with The Alder Fork, there is your answer.  I recommend this book if you like wide open spaces and tips on spending your summer days. Today is an exciting day. My work on The Lights I See You In Shadow is drawing to a close.  I will now begin slowly releasing the tracks onto this blog for you to listen to. When the entire project is complete I will be hosting a listening party and making the entire album available on Amie Street for download. The songs that are finished could still be polished a bit before I release the album, that depends on the feedback I get and repeated listenings. They are, however, very much the way I want them to be. I will also be discussing each song when I post it. For those of you who are familiar with my earlier work you will probably be surprised by some of what you hear. Don’t be alarmed, I haven’t lost my mind

To start this entire process I should describe the title of the album, The Lights I See You In Shadow. It comes from a song I wrote about a year and a half ago, entitled Lonely Day or The Lights. The tune will probably find it’s way onto the album in some form.  In context the line is:

It’s a lonely day and I am waiting

A lonely day and the streets are paved

With the lights I see you in shadow

A lonely day nowhere to go

I still haven’t decided exactly how to parse that sentence. Either I am seeing the person in the dark or I can only see their shadow.  The whole song is about a crisis that is somehow made better by not being alone. I chose the line as the album title because it conveys the two natures of this album. What does that mean? Well, basically I feel that this album has two kinds of songs, those that fit under “The Lights I See” and those that work with “You In Shadow.” In fact, I originally conceived of this project having two parts corresponding to these two ideas. Indeed, The Lights I See You In Shadow, has been my working title for over a year.

The first song I am sharing is also the first song alphabetically on the album. It probably won’t be the first song on the finished project because I don’t think it fits there. Affirmation has a pretty unique story.  Back in the spring my old friend and bandmate back in the days of Urban Moon, Matt Blacquiere, put on a great show in Kitchener.  These days he plays a lot of great bluegrass, folk, and country material.  It was a phenomenal show and as always Matt was inspiring. When I got home that night (around midnight or so) I sat down at my keyboard and began writing synth parts. It was a strange reaction to lots of banjo and fiddle, but the basics of what became Affirmation came together that night.  With the addition of some guitars and a melody the song came into its own. Lyrically the song is about surviving a really tough night.  The kind of evening where you feel like the morning is too far away.

Tomorrow I should have an exciting surprise along with another song!

Enjoy Affirmation



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