The Dusty Roads

“In fact there are cracks in time,” my father repeated endlessly. “Weaknesses – fissures, if you like – in the gauzy dreamland that separates the past from the present.” Hearing those words like a musical refrain all through my childhood, I came to believe them, or, rather, to accept them; it was never a matter as simple as belief. To me they weren’t remarkable; after all, some children taught to accept the enormities, the absurdities, the implausibilities of scripture as fact.

W.P. Kinsella

The Iowa Baseball Confederacy

The Iowa Baseball Confederacy is a strange book that I absolutely love. It’s author is better known for Shoeless Joe, a novel that became the movie Field of Dreams. I have read both books several times. I am quoting one here because I was re-reading it when I wrote today’s song. For the second day I am presenting a song that I know the exact day of its writing. As the name implies Twenty Five was written on my Twenty-Fifth birthday, and debuted a week later at my birthday party.

The song is very simple and straightforward both musically and thematically. It is about the many transitions in life and the importance of the past. I debated endlessly about how many layers I should add to the song. Originally I envisioned a more elaborate composition, but after putting down the main part of this song in one take I decided to scale it back. This song is quite a contrast from yesterday’s offering which, according to one friend, was “intense.” Twenty Five is not intense, but it is just as honest as Affirmation.

Here’s Twenty Five:



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