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Things To Do

This post begins with a short quote from one of my favourite movies.  Things To Do is an indie movie that was filmed in Windsor.  It was recommended to me by Dave Fallis, whose photography blog can be found in the links on the main page.  The movie tells the story of a guy who moves home for the summer.  He then makes a list of things he’s always wanted to do, and accomplishes them.  It’s not really a comedy but it’s funny, with a serious edge. The movie spoke to me because of where I was in my life, living at home, sorting out the future, and with a great many things I wanted to do.  I think it’s great so check it out!

Today’s song was written not long after I first saw this movie.  The lyrics to this song have been rewritten from the original version. Some of you will know the early recordings of this song and it’s harsh topic. Now the song is more about hope and moving forward than it used to be. I feel that the new lyrics suit the mood of the music much better than the old.  This song has my favourite piano part on the whole album. You’ll hear it at as a lead part at the end.

This brings me to an important point about this album. I have never, not even in the days of Pinstripe Mystery, had a comparable quantity of piano, synth, organ, and strings on any of my recordings as I do now. I invested some money into my home studio set up and you are hearing the results of that.  Special thanks go to Justin Colyn of DWL Group for getting me an amazing pair of monitor speakers at a reasonable price. If you are in need of sound equipment or live sound reinforcement check out his website in the links section.

Without further ado, Back and Forth:



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