The Spiders On Your Back

The writer is a prowler in a given story that emerges in time. The writer reports on incidents. There are no protagonists in the given story. Any subject is a contrived subject. The point of view is uncertain. The writer is necessarily part of the story.

The writer cannot report on everything. It is not necessary to tell the whole story. There will be just enough to provide a faint sketch of the pattern.

In any case the writer expects rough seas. The entire work may find itself on the floor in the end, again in shambles.

Kristjana Gunnars

The Prowler

The Prowler is a complex piece of modern literature. It is written in a non-linear style, is both fiction and non-fiction, and contains a great deal of self-referential criticism. The book is meant to be a puzzle that the reader assembles in some fashion to suit themselves. I chose the above passage because it was highlighted by the person who owned my copy of the book before me. Clearly they thought that these words unlocked some of the meaning of the entire book.

Easterbrooks was written in the later days of Pinstripe Mystery and has never been recorded before. I believe it debuted at Max Woghiren’s birthday party a couple of years ago. You can hear some of his music at The Two Minute Project. It’s in there, you just have to hunt for it. Well worth the search. The song discusses the age old problem of someone who was once in your life and wants back in. Once again Karen Shields provides her musical talent. It is the highlight of the song.

The name, Easterbrooks, will be familiar to some as a popular hot dog stand near the Royal Botanical Gardens in Aldershot. It is also next to the cemetary where a great many of my deceased relatives are buried. This has nothing to do with the song itself, but I do like the name, and I have many strong memories of both the hot dogs and the graves. Much like Kristjana Gunnars, I am not necessarily part of the story, but I might be.

Enjoy Easterbrooks:



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One Response to “The Spiders On Your Back”

  1. fallicule Says:

    I love the part at 3:54 where the solo ends and everything cuts out and you rip into some beefy and raw guitar chords. Great job!

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