The Simple Things Shift

Okay Chief, take them away. I’m going home to sleep with my wife.

Mr. Green


My original awareness of the Clue movie came from Cable TV. I would catch bits and pieces of it, but I was too young to put them together.  When I finally saw the complete picture, I was in stitches.  Although it occasionally relies on terrible jokes, the vast majority of the film is great. There is nothing quite as funny as Tim Curry running around reenacting murders for 5 minutes. I think I’d pay him to watch him do that all day. Michael McKean, who plays Mr. Green, was also a main character in This Is Spinal Tap.

Lying Fallow was written on a train, that was stuck in Kingston for an extra hour and a half on the way to Ottawa. It was the first and so far only time I took Via Rail anywhere. It was a fun experience, if for no other reason, than I wrote this song.  Musically this song is driven by bouncy bass line and punchy piano.  Lyrically the song describes a sort of taboo aspect of life, and my feelings about it.  If you want to know more about that, you’ll have to decipher the lyrics for yourself. I actually think they are pretty clear.

Lying Fallow:


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