It Was Foggy And Cold

‘No,’ he said, ‘somewhere, someone who had faith in currents, in winds – and also in people, put thought and careful work into this carving. And I’ll not be the one to stop his Paddle-to-the-Sea.’

Holling Clancy Holling


I briefly referenced Paddle-to-the-Sea in an earlier post but I wanted to give it a fuller treatment. It is the only book from my childhood that still sits on my shelf. The rest are in boxes awaiting the day that I have children.  My affection for the book goes beyond its clever story, its grand adventure, or its lovely illustrations.  For me Paddle-to-the-Sea represents a dream. A life that is both independent and dependent.  The little carved canoe traveled from north of Lake Superior all the way to France, thanks to the currents and the respect of strangers for a little boy’s vision.  The book was first published in 1941 and was written by an American. It is a classic of children’s literature and was intended to help teach the geography of the Great Lakes region.  It certainly succeeds at that.  It even gives young Americans and Canadians alike descriptions of exotic Canadian locales like the Grand Banks, Montral, and Sault Ste. Marie; three places that I have not been. I recommend it for your children and you.

I can say today that the recording of The Lights I See You In Shadow is officially done. It will be 14 instead of 15 songs long due to my dissatisfaction with a song called The Lights, which will most likely resurface as part of another project. As for the identity of that next project, I will save that for another day.

HG Plant Companion began its life as a jazzy tune called Home Gardener.  One night I was playing around with the parts I’d written and came up with a way more interesting and catchy song.  This song has very coherent lyrics. It tells the story of an early morning talk. One that may or may not be going well. This song has a nice breakdown in the middle that I wasn’t sure about at first. I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not. In the final analysis I’m very happy with it.

In the coming days I will be posting the final two songs, the album artwork, and the final order of songs.  I will also be creating final mixes of every song, so that I can fix any little problems. I have been toying with the idea of creating a video, and if I get time it will happen. Once all of that is completed I will continue to post blogs about The Alder Fork and other things, so I invite you to stick around.



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2 Responses to “It Was Foggy And Cold”

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