The Difference In The End

Holy priceless collection of Etruscan snoods!


Batman (1966)

Most young people today are more familiar with Adam West as a recurring character on Family Guy but for me he will always be the only Batman. I am one of the people who didn’t learn about Batman through comics or Tim Burton’s movies, but through reruns of the campy 1960’s classic TV show.  Apparently the actor who played Commissioner Gordon was unaware that the show was meant to be satire and played his character straight. When I was a little kid I didn’t know that either and hung on every word as gospel.  The movie quoted above was a favourite of mine. My parents must’ve rented it 100 times for me and I now own it on DVD and VHS.  The reason I have chosen to quote this hilarious series is that today’s song is, in a small way, a bit humourous.

The Lights I See You In Shadow is full of earth/nature imagery.  Virtually every song makes reference to natural phenomenon or rural life in some way.  I’m not sure exactly why nature has been so significant to me over the last couple of years, but it certainly has.  Today’s track, The Sunrises, is the last of three Pinstripe Mystery songs on the album. In fact, The Sunrises was the very first song I wrote specifically for my old band, back when we had three members and no name.  It was the first song we played at our first practice. That’s your history lesson for the day.

The project file for it was called The Sunrises Again because I didn’t want it to be exactly the same as the original, which was covered by Max Woghiren at one time. If you know the Muffin Parfait version of the song you will notice the one significant change. It was actually a fairly easy addition to record, but I think it changes the song in a very major way. The title, The Sunrises, was always intended to be a verbal pun. It could be “Hey no matter what happens the Sun rises,” or “It’s been three sunrises since I left the house.” Is that funny? Not really, but I don’t write funny songs.  When it came time to write out the name, I went with the latter because it was convenient.  A lot of Pinstripe Mystery was about doing what was easy or convenient. This album has been a bit more about doing what is right, at least my version of right.

This song, like many, tries to have a narrative structure. There is a story and an argument in there. I’m not sure what comparing a person to the Sun implies. Perhaps a giant ball of gas is about as different from a human being as you can get, perhaps it’s closer than I think.

Just wait and breath in The Sunrises:


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