Obvious To Me

Please don’t stop playing Fry. I want to hear how it ends.



Until the first DVD movie was released, that was the final line of the Futurama franchise.  I am a huge fan of that series and have seen every episode.  This line is particularly fitting for this post because today is the day that the final song on the album is released.  It also captures some of the meaning of today’s song. The album will hit Amie Street on November 29th/30th.  If you haven’t already downloaded the songs here you can get them there. They will be free at first and if enough people download they will begin to go up in price. What’s your incentive for paying for them when I’ve given it all away for free? Nothing really, but I won’t complain if you do! This album was not free to make, but I’m not in this for the money.

As a side note I will continue to post in this blog. Sometimes it will be music, sometimes it will be other ideas, thoughts, comments etc. I hope you continue to visit everyday! I will be beginning a retrospective of my music tomorrow, complete with old grainy clips!

May captures several feelings as they evolved over a period of time. This is one of the three songs in the Lonely Day trilogy of related compositions.  It is a short song, but in just a few lines it expresses several months worth of thoughts. It is significant for someone more than anyone else. I don’t need to elaborate on that.  I think the piano is the ideal way to end The Lights I See You In Shadow. It’s simple, straightforward and yet still interesting.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey and will continue to visit.

It may be the winter but somewhere it’s still May:

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