And My Gratitude Goes Out To You

And I say, hello hope, do you remember me, and all these things that make up a memory.

Matthew Blacquiere (Urban Moon)

Hello Hope

Today is Part II of my discussion of Urban Moon. I wanted to devote an entire post to Lemon Orange Lime an EP that Matt, Rob and myself put together in May/June 2002.  Rob had just purchased a very nice recording set up for his basement. After a year apart, when Matt and I went to university, we floated the idea of a small reunion. We each picked one song of those we had written and decided to pool our efforts to record and release them. The result still stands up well today, I think. My contribution to the album was Fifteen Floors, a song that I consider the beginning of my true songwriting career.  Prior to that I had written some terrible songs that aren’t worth remembering.  Fifteen Floors has a catchy melody and a bouncy score.  Lyrically it presents little scenes related to the main story of a disappointing relationship. For sometime after that I struggled to write a second good song. As we will see it did eventually happen.

The album artwork featured lemons, oranges and limes naturally. The title came from large, cardboard pictures of fruit that were picked up from Eaton’s when it closed down. Someone brought them to an Urban Moon show and we adopted them. There are very few copies of Lemon Orange Lime still around, if you have one, cherish it.

Tomorrow I will be moving into both my solo and Banana Company periods (they are essentially the same). For now here are the three songs from Lemon Orange Lime. Should you want to download any of the songs I’m posting in this series please leave a comment or email me.

Fifteen Floors – Peter Snow

Hello Hope – Matthew Blacquiere

Gratitude – Rob Rakoczy


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