There’s Always Room For Two

God gave you style and gave you grace.


God Put a Smile Upon Your Face

As far as I can remember that was the only tune Pinstripe Mystery tried to cover. We were awesome in practice, but when we did it live it flopped.  This is the final post of this musical retrospective. I will continue to post other things, but this is the end of one more journey.  I mentioned last time that the band worked feverishly to finish up the album. This was greatly hindered by Jill’s reluctance to actually record proper drum parts, and led to some weird tracks, like The Tin Star. Overall the album was decent, not great.  I’m still happy we did it, and promoted it.  The title came from a question: can you make a muffin parfait? We talked about weird things at practice.  I will never forget hearing my songs on the radio for the first time, or how we charted at UW’s radio station two weeks in a row before slipping into deeper obscurity.  I have chosen three tracks to post here today: Imperial Street because it was the most beloved track for most people, Art Or Architecture because it is as much a classic as I have, and Clap Dream Injuction because it’s my favourite song on the album.  After Muffin Parfait came out we played a lot of gigs, appeared on the radio a few times, and tried our best to be a band that was out there.  In the end though things fizzled out.  Our last real gig was at the University of Guelph for about a dozen students in a field.  Our best gig took place at the Grad House at the University of Waterloo. We packed a room for a gig that featured David Hein and another band whose name escapes me. David is still making music as far as I know so I suggest googling him.  This show actually featured a brief experiment with a violin player named Emily. She added a nice extra touch to a bunch of our songs, even if it was only for one gig.

Pinstripe Mystery was the most successful band I’ve ever been in, which wasn’t a hard thing to be.  For awhile, some people knew who we were and what we were doing.  We even warranted a haiku in a Waterloo music zine.  I have it somewhere but I’m not sure where. Looking back the experience of playing fairly regular gigs and promoting an album was fantastic. I could’ve done without some of the headaches and battles but overall it was a positive experience. It certainly worked out for Dave and Crystal.

After Pinstripe Mystery I put music away for a bit aside from writing the odd song (most of which are on The Lights I See You In Shadow).  Some people have the benefit of leaving music alone for a long time and maintaining a legacy. I don’t have a legacy so the music will stay with me.  To say that The Lights I See You In Shadow is the best thing I’ve ever done with music would be an understatement. It would also be misleading. The best thing I’ve done with music is make lifelong friends like Matt, Dave, Dave, Crystal, and Ken. People whose ideas and sounds inspired me to make better songs.  The Lights I See You In Shadow will not be my final album, in fact I anticipate starting the next project immediately.  It represents a transition, from a past of grasping for musical success in the form of good recordings of songs I love to a future where I can do that everyday.  Please enjoy my songs and recognize that what goes into them is part of me. Sometimes it’s the part no one gets to see in my regular life.

Enjoy these songs and I hope you come back tomorrow.

Imperial Street

Art or Architecture

Clap Dream Injunction

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