Have You Seen It?

Up ahead the roads were closed
And the Gennys ran most of Buffalo
The customs man at border control
Said yes you can go
But you won’t make it home

Don’t be like that

Kathleen Edwards


Sometimes I find that a song reminds me of reading a great novel.  Usually it is a Canadian song that bring back feelings of diving into Wild Geese, Have You Seen The Wind, or Emily of New Moon. This Kathleen Edwards song is one of those.  The experience of music is, of course, very subjective. You and I hear the same song but it means something different to us.  Immediately after Buffalo on my main iTunes list is Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. How is that significant? Well Danger Zone reminds me of my old friend Kern, who loves anything to do with fighter planes.  He’s like a Korean Tom Clancy with a degree in Environmental
Science (not studies, he would want me to note that).  So in two seconds I’ve gone from thinking about a classic piece of literature to an old pal who loves his dinosaurs with feathers and his women from
Russia.  Music has that kind of effect on people.

The retrospective of Urban Moon, Banana Company, and Pinstripe Mystery is over now.  Thinking back on everything that happened in the pursuit of musical genius (or recognition?) has been enlightening.  When I
think about any particular recording, gig, or project it doesn’t seem so difficult. But when I put together the last 10+ years of effort its astounding.  I gave up lots of free time, money, and dignity to play
around 50 or so gigs, and to record two full length albums an EP and a bunch of random CDs.  I have also hosted 9 or 10 Mid-Summer Festivals of Peace and Tranquility, including one that raised over $400 for Heart Cry Restoration Ministries. It led me to consider the pros and cons of it all. I had a lot of fun rehearsing, recording, and performing, and I still do.  It could also be very emotionally draining (see Frosh Week 2003) and liberating all at the same time.

What does all this have to do with anything? Well as this blog goes forward and becomes a forum for both my thoughts and ideas, and those of others, it will become part of the journey. It can’t just be a marker of time, it has to be an active part of that.  I am saying all this to encourage those of you who read the blog to post comments in reaction to what I write. I would love to start a dialogue about the songs, sites, pictures, and whatever that I post on here.  I would also like your response to my words and ideas. Many years ago I had an email list that I used to spread ideas, but never achieved the collaborative model I hoped for. That is what a blog can do. So comment away!

You can also leave thoughts about the podcast and I will respond to them on there. To find the podcast click on the link on the right. A new post will be up in the next day or so. In case you missed it The Lights I See You In Shadow is now available. Click on Get the Album to download it.

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