It Feels Like Independence Day and I Can’t Break Away From This Parade

Loneliness can appear as a faint dis-ease, an inner dissatisfaction, a restlessness in the heart.

Jean Vanier

Becoming Human

I will be writing more about Jean Vanier and discussing him on the podcast in the future. I have been re-reading Becoming Human and continue to be fascinated by the man.

I was thinking about the blog today, and it’s relationship to other blogs. There are blogs on just about every topic, sports, news, politics, pornography, cats, hats, rats, children’s books, TV shows, birds, airplanes, and on and on.  Henry Abbott is a blogger that I greatly respect (he writes TrueHoop, now on He had a post about 6 months ago talking about what makes a good blog.  He pointed out things like having passion for what you write about and holding yourself to a high standard. But he also noted that successful blogs usually stick to one thing they do very well and know intimately and focus on it exclusively. In his case it’s basketball.  The Alder Fork is not that kind of blog. I have mostly written about music so far, but I’ve broached other topics.  I think it’s a reflection of the way my brain works. I don’t usually stay too focused on one particular thing for very long before one of my other interests take over.  I don’t know if that’s the best way to attract readers to this blog, or listeners to my podcast, but it’s who I am. One more rule that I would add to the what-makes-a-good-blog list is, be yourself. Don’t try to be something you aren’t or write in any way but through your own voice. People lie in job interviews, on dates, in public, on sports fields, in the business world, in politics, and probably even to themselves by pretending to be lots of things that they aren’t.  I certainly do it, and to be honest I’m not always even sure who I am. But when I make my podcast or write on this blog I can’t hide anymore. So if you know me personally this is a chance to know me better. If you are a stranger, welcome to my world, I hope you stick around awhile.


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