American Rock & Roll

The sun’s up, mhm, looks ok, the world survives into another day

Bruce Cockburn

Wondering Where The Lions Are

I’ve always been fond of Bruce Cockburn.  His music is beautiful, skillful, informative, and thoroughly Canadian. He is among the great folk heroes of our nation, and someday our grandchildren will enjoy his music as if it was their own.  I always thought that the message of his music is rooted in the idea of what could be.  Anyone can complain about how things are and point out the problems to others. But some first challenge themselves and others to envision the change, then go out and work on fixing it.  There is no glory in working on the ground, but there is joy.

Picking up on yesterday’s theme of imagination I want to share a story. About once a week I take the one hour drive from Guelph back to Hamilton down Highway 6.  This usually happens between 7-8 am.  On my most recent return trip (this morning) I was awestruck by the sun rising over the escarpment.  When you’ve lived in the same area most of your life, the landscape has to work harder to impress. It struck me that on such a cold day the sun could look so warm and inviting.  The ground had the early winter look, a little white, a little green, and a little black.  I pulled up slowly to Clappison’s Corners and looked around to see if anyone else noticed what I was seeing. At that time of the day most people are half asleep. But the girl in the car behind me was staring off towards the sky, just as I was, and I think she would agree with my sentiments.  Coming down the hill on Highway 6 is always breathtaking. Hamilton looks a lot better from above, when its vastness can be appreciated.  Being able to see the bay and the lake from that vantage point certainly helps the experience. I pictured myself at the end of a long journey (though in fact I’d traveled only 45 minutes) because I could imagine what it was like for the early visitors to the area. Like the man for whom Cootes’ Paradise is named. He was apparently here for only a short time but quite admired the area I was now looking at. Somehow knowing that history made it even more worthwhile.

I wanted to share a little bit of my regular routine and I’d love to hear how you experience the morning wherever you are.

In other news I am launching a new musical project. I will be writing all of the songs but I will need musicians to join me. I am particularly looking for vocalists. Email me at if you are interested.

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One Response to “American Rock & Roll”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Your comments about Bruce Cockburn’s work is well put! It will be relevant and vibrant far beyond most.

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