Such A Long Way To Go


A Foggy Drive Down Highway 6 at 7:15am

Today I am posting my first picture here on the blog.  This photo was taken while stopped at a light on Highway 6 around Puslinch Ontario.  It was so foggy that I hadn’t seen the sun yet that morning when it popped out briefly and allowed me to capture it.  The rest of the drive was in dense fog. I was oblivious of where I was (due to the fog) when I suddenly saw a sign for Zellers on my left. Now I am no photographer so the picture itself is not that great. But I do think it perfectly captures that morning and what I was facing weather wise.  I will periodically post other pictures I have taken and will take in the future.  I have some interesting ones!

The title of this post is a reference to Laura Smith, a west coast musician I have fallen in love with (in the musical sense, not the romantic sense).  She is a multi-instrumentalist who writes beautifully complex songs.  I recommend checking her out at her site. You will also be able to hear her on Monday’s edition of the podcast as part of my all-Canada podcast.  If you like jazz inspired indie pop with a healthy dose of accordion then she’s the gal for you. I highly recommend it!

I’m planning to do a concert film review tomorrow and would like some input on which concert I should watch. You can vote on the poll below. Your options are:

The Police – Synchronicity Concert

Coldplay – Live 2003

Peter Gabriel – Secret World Live

Paul Simon – You’re The One

Simon & Garfunkel – Old Friends Live on Stage

The Tragically Hip – That Night in Toronto

I have a bunch more but those are the 6 I’m limiting it to today. The final product should appear Friday or Saturday.

Vote now!

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