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A Rush of Blood to the Head

In 2003 Coldplay had reached new heights of fame.  In My Place, Clocks, and The Scientist were enjoying life on the charts, as was their album A Rush of Blood to the Head. They were also out on tour. What follows is a running diary of the DVD that grew out of that tour.

In 2004 I was living on my own, house sitting my aunt’s place for the summer.  Each night as I went to bed I turned out all the lights and put this DVD on.  The opening, Politik, is punctuated by flashing lights and spotlights that come at the camera. It used to light up my room in a fantastic way.  This song opened the album and the concerts, probably because it starts out loud, settles down then gets loud again. It’s the sort of song that catches your attention and raises your adrenaline.  Visually most of the band is in darkness, except Chris Martin who sits at his piano with a single spotlight.

You might wonder why I would want to write about a DVD that was released 5 years ago.  After all Coldplay has released two albums since then and become even bigger global music icons.  Much like the old vinyl review segment on my podcast, I think it’s fun to look back at what we loved once, and should again! Or to directly quote the character of Terrance Mann in Shoeless Joe, (or maybe just the movie I can’t remember) that all once was good and could be again. Yep I thought this DVD was great.

God gave you style and gave you grace…God put a smile upon your face…The second song of the concert is our first with handheld crowd camera action. It’s a bit jumpy and blurry but a fun idea that was just one of those things concert DVDs used to have. Maybe they still do.  The lights on Chris Martin give him the look of a really bad orange fake tan. His poor white English skin can’t take it.  I’m reminded of the immortal The Streets song Fit But You Know It…bit too much fake tan but yeah you look nice. And yes I’ve started using “…” like a mad man.

This concert is quite long at 17 songs so I think this will have 3 or 4 parts with an intermission on Monday to post links for my All-Canadian Mixtape Episode of the podcast.

Oh I should point out that this concert was filmed in Sydney on July 21 and 22 2003. That’s right it was recorded on my birthday. Happy Birthday to me.  Not sure what I was doing that day, but I sure wasn’t at a Coldplay concert in Australia.

Out comes the slide to kick off A Rush of Blood to the Head. This song has some pretty intense lyrics.  I kind of expect Martin to pull out torch or something half through the song and burn down the stage.  I wonder what its really about. When am I gonna see that pretty face again. Maybe she’s scared to see you again? You know, after you burned everything to the ground.

Daylight. After a soft ending to the last song, the band kicks it back up for this one. The filmmakers decided to get fancy and alternate between colour in the chorus and black and white in the verses.  Interesting idea. I am enjoying the overhand slide guitar playing though. It reminds me of that kid in the movie August Rush. Slowly breaking through the daylight…etc.

Chris Martin makes his first plea for the crowd to stand up and sing along as he starts Trouble. As I recall he does this a lot in this concert. So after 4 songs from the “new” album we finally get one from Parachutes. I really like this song. It’s probably the reason I started liking the group in the first place.  I read once that Chris Martin considered starting a boy band a la Take That before founding Coldplay. Picture that for a moment. Martin gets his wish as the crowd screams out they spun a web for me.

One last song before I call it a day. Look for Part II tomorrow as I continue to roll along through this concert. As far as I know One I Love only appears on this concert DVD and maybe on some B-side somewhere.  I actually really like the song, even if there are already a hundred songs about the “one I love.”  I love that Martin has pulled out a Rickenbaker for this song. It is a lifelong dream to own one. Someday.

Alright I will be back tomorrow with more Coldplay Live 2003.

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