See You Soon

I’ll be counting up my demons


Everything’s Not Lost

Welcome to Part II of my impressions of Coldplay Live 2003. Yesterday we got through 5/17 songs.  The set list is noteworthy because the band opens with 4 songs from the “new” album then ignores it for the next 8 songs.  They then give us 4 more.  We are in the midst of the middle part, so this post should be all old stuff. Well this whole DVD is old stuff now, but let’s stay in the moment with this.

Don’t Panic is a song Dave and I used to play at coffee houses in our res. That would’ve been before this DVD in the Parachutes era of things.  The crowd is quite happy right now, then when the song starts they quiet down to clap along.  The pace of the song is faster than the album version. It’s like they want it over even though its a great song. They just showed a great shot of Chris Martin with spinning lights behind him. I won’t hide the fact that I love stage lighting, I always have.  There are few things in the world that I consider cooler than a well lit performance. I’m easy to please.

In general the band members are pretty straightforward on stage.  They don’t move a whole lot and just kind of play without effort. I’m reminded of Radiohead because outside of Ed O’brien no one moves around that much on stage.

Shiver is another solid song from Parachutes. Close up and spotlight on the guitar during the intro. I like the effect.  Chris martin likes to sing into his microphone from a 45 degree angle. Pretty much all the time. It’s probably so he can see what his hands are doing, either that or he has a nervous habit.

This next song was apparently on an EP before showing up in this concert. See You Soon is a pretty little acoustic song. At the moment Martin is alone on stage with his guitar. Most of the crowd is probably bewildered by this song they’ve never heard before.  That’s how audiences react when you play something you don’t know. They just stand quietly while the odd loudmouth screams out “woooooo” or whistles for no real reason.  Probably the alcohol talking.  Kudos to the camera person who used the focus to get those cool hexagon shapes on the screen from the lights.  More slide guitar half way through and some yoddling. I heard that Martin has decided not to sing in falsetto on new songs.  It’s an endearing habit that sometimes works , at least I think so (probably because I do it too sometimes).

Everything’s not lost.  I wonder how many demons Chris Martin really has? He seems like a pretty straight-laced guy over all. He’s certainly no Keith Moon. He plays a lot of piano on the albums and in this concert. Is he our generations Billy Joel? Maybe once the solo projects start in a couple of years. Remember how I said I liked the hexagon shapes? I still do in concpet but the producer is making extreme use of them now. It’s like they just discovered they could do that. What’s next? Star wipes? Here comes the crowd again with a nice sing along of ah ah ah yeah. Despite this Martin begs the crowd to sing along more. Wouldn’t want them to be quiet during the big piano sing along of course. I won’t lie, I’ve sung along too.

Now it’s time for the song about Gwyneth Palrtow. Oddly enough it’s called Moses. I don’t associate loved ones with biblical figures but maybe I should. The ricky is back out and I couldn’t be happier. I really like this song.  More clever black and white to colour changes.  I’m not 100% sure what the intention of this was, but I guess it works as a gimmick.  I think the big challenge with making a concert film is deciding how much you want it to reflect your artistic vision as a filmmaker and how much you want to satiate the fans with good shots of the band. After all they are the stars. Frame them up and rock & roll.

As we reach the end of Part II Martin offers the crowd ice cream if they stand up. I don’t think he came through on that promise. You should never lie about ice cream, it’s way too important.  Yellow is the song that first brought Coldplay to the attention of most of the world.  I have to give them credit for the visuals on this one. The song builds up with a quiet sythn part. The band is in the dark as blue lights scan the crowd. Then all of a sudden the guitar kicks in and the stage explodes in yellow light as Chris Martin jumps for the rafters. Bravo.  He’s also put down the guitar and left the piano to just sing and dance around.

Join me on Tuesday for the final part of this extravaganza. Tomorrow I will be posting information and links for the 6 bands featured on Monday’s episode of the podcast. I highly recommend checking all of those bands out. Enjoy your Sunday!

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