From Coast To Coast (Sort Of)

Maybe next time we’ll see.

Amer Diab

Maybe Next Time

A new episode of the podcast is up. This one is the extra special All-Canadian Mixtape episode. I featured songs by 6 artists this week.  I’d like to share a bit more information about them here so you can go check out their music. So it’s officially a Link Day!

Trinity Forbes’ Mountain Song is the first track on the podcast.  She is a visual artist who has taken up music recently as an alternative form of expression. You can check her out at her site.  This particular song has a nice mellow vibe to it.  It reminds me of spending a grey, rainy day sitting on an enclosed porch.  If you close your eyes, I think you’ll end up there too.

Amer Diab is a Toronto area artist. I quoted his song Maybe Next Time up above.  His style his very rootsy.  It’s a kind of music that isn’t played nearly enough these days.  You can check out his solo album There / After and his work with The Loan Sharks at his site. If you like alt-country you will love Amer Diab. Andy Frank of CIUT called the album, “One of the scene’s most endearing treasures.”

Leah McHenry is a 24 year old musician from Abbortsford B.C..  She learnt music in church while she was growing up.  Her style combines elements of folk, electronic and metal together.  You can further investigate this talented musician at her site. She cites Symphony X, Nightwish, Loreena Mckennitt and Enya as influences. Definitely worth checking out.

Next up on the podcast is Entire Cities, a rock outfit from Toronto. They will be playing at the Casbah in Hamilton on January 8th.  The group doesn’t like to put themselves in any particular genre. They kind of remind me of Modest Mouse or Mercury Rev. The song Talkers has some great lyrics that paint vivid images in my mind. Their latest album is called Deep River. For more info about Entire Cities and to get the disc go here.

The Free Press is another Toronto based band.  Their musical influences are quite similar to mine, though I think we go in slightly different directions with it.  One reviewer said, “Sounds like Hawksley Workman singing a Beatles song.” That is a great description. They have an album out called Half Truths and Whole Lies. Check them out on their site.

The final act on the podcast is Laura Smith. She is an indie pop heroine from Victoria and area.  She studied Jazz in college but her music has moved closer to the work of Feist or Fiona Apple. She was nominated for Island Music Awards for her debut demo. Find out more and get the music here.

I hope you will check out the podcast over there –>. Please take some time to explore these artists a bit deeper, you will not be disappointed.  Part III of the Coldplay Live 2003 running diary will be up tomorrow.


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