Confusion That Never Stops

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The Scientist

This is Part III of my review of Coldplay Live 2003. If you missed Parts I and II just scroll down the main page a bit and you will find them.  As I pointed out earlier the first 4 songs of the concert were new material, then the next set was all old or unreleased. Now we are back to the new album until the final song.

The Scientist is definitely an all time favourite song of mine. It’s just so simple and sweet. Behind the stage there are 4 big video screens. Right now it’s Chris Martin x4 as he sits alone at his piano.  Nobody said it was easy, it’s such a shame for us to part, nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard, take me back to the start. I can sympathize with that sentiment.

Most of the songs in this concert seem to use some kind of taped background, usually the string parts. I never liked the idea of doing that, probably because it’s so limiting. But I guess sometimes you have to. Like the Who when they play Baba O’Riley with it’ s staccato synth part.

Oh they just faked leaving the stage and came back for an encore. I’m a fan of any band who doesn’t bother with that and just plays another song. Don’t make me cheer for you, I just paid $80 to get in here, you know I love you.

Clocks is a great song.  You can use it to wake up, or get ready for a big game, or to just dance around your place.  The laser lights have returned in this one. Unfortunately it reminds me of the old Hamilton Bulldogs introduction. They used lasers to great effect. I say it’s unfortunate because they don’t do that anymore. Boo. We also get more of the hand held audience camera. There are actually multiple angles. I think if I poked around the DVD I might get to do something with them.

I was never a huge fan of In My Place and I’m not sure why. It has elements of being a great song but I just never felt that way.  Martin is doing some kind of weird backwards hop dance. Is he drunk? Doubt it, I think he’s just a white guy.  He’s not even bothering to sing in parts because the crowd is so into it. He’s also stopped singing sideways and is instead singing into the roof. He is also punching the air. I feel like a judge on SYTYCD. The drummer has this crazy smile on his face, I think he really likes this song. Maybe he wrote it.

As Amsterdam gets started I should point out that I’ve never been to a live Coldplay concert. They always sell out too fast and I’m not paying a scalper or broker for tickets. It’s a matter of principle I guess.  I had time to write that because Martin is encouraging people to listen to them, eat chocolate and to support make trade fair. This is another of my favourite Coldplay songs.  Time is on your side it’s on your side now. What a pretty song.  A lot of singers sing with their eyes closed. I do it sometimes as well. It looks ridiculous. I try to never do it. Chris Martin doesn’t care, neither does the drummer. They are doing a closed eyes duet right now.  When they zoom in on the video screens the pixelation is very obvious. Maybe they shouldn’t do that.  E-bow!!! That is the coolest thing that could’ve happened. And there it is.

After fake exit number 2 we’ve reached the last song, Life is For Living.  It’s been a lot of fun going through this again and recording random thoughts. I never meant to do you wrong that’s what I came here to say. But if I was wrong then I’m sorry don’t let it stand in our way. My head just aches when I think of the things that I shouldn’t have done. Life is for living we all know and I don’t want to live it alone. I know what he means.

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2 Responses to “Confusion That Never Stops”

  1. cail Says:

    its a shame youhave never been able to make it out to a show. You do enjoy the DVD.

    I really enjoyed my first experience at a coldplay show. Back in highschool when parachutes came out i was lucky enough to get a ticket off of katie, who also introduced me to coldplay just a bit before they made it big with yellow.

    A fun filled trip to toronto, going to the edge and seeing chris and the drummer (sadly i forget his name) sign some autographs and be greatly humble.

    Then off to koolhause for a sweet intimate type of show. They played the whole cd with a nice warm feel, and a very low key atmosphere, simple lighting setting up a warm sweet atmosphere. The show was great and i still remeber them playing “trouble” my favourite song off the album.

    This was a great show, even if i saw and heard most of it on the floor against the back wall cause of food poisning from chicken mcnugets from union station (way back before all white meat chicken mcnuggets)
    oh and grandaddy open the show, another nice low key band that had a great set.

    My second experience came on the rush of blood to the head tour…by now the band had already hit the big time and this was another great but very different show. This time i saw them play in ottawa at the Corel centre (now scotia bank place) So much energy and fun. Started realy slow and mellow and didn’t really take off till about three or four songs in when the tarps over the screens droped to show the boys. It was nice as during the show the screens only every had live shots from different angles of each of the guys/ Lighting was perfect, very sharp contrasts of white and basck with some smooth greys thrown in. amazing play of light and dark, which made the yellow lights during “yellow” that much more impressive.
    I got to be in the pit this time and wasn’t sick. Wouldn’t have mattered i couldn’t stay stiill.

    I also own the DVD and feel its a great experience, very close to seeing the band live. My favourite music DVD i own and have seen. The live cd accompanying it is just an added blessing.

    Sadly i haven’t been able to see coldplay since that tour, narrowly missing out on tickets both times. But i did catch a live performance before viva La vida came out of them playing infront of the BBc building. And that was also a great show…hopefully that may come out somehow, i would love to see it again.

    A side note, i own all the cd’s so far, and have decided to revamp my coldplay craziness to getting tem all on vinyl. I just feel the warmness of their songs will sound so much better on vinyl. Would be a great addition to my small but enjoyed and loved vinyl collection.

    just though i would share some happy memories coldplay has given me.

  2. ponpilate Says:

    Thanks for the comment Cail! I didn’t realize you had seen the band that much, but I’m jealous of that first show you described. Isn’t it interesting seeing the evolution of a band from popular to transcendent? I don’t think I will ever get to see them, since their retirement is looming in a couple of years. Thanks again for the contribution!

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