Meeting the Future At Full Speed

Resonating all through the maze

The Mass Romantics

The Vast Majority

New podcast is up and running for today. This one features me chatting about The Alder Fork, Timeraiser, and playing some great new music.

Featured artists are:

Kensington Prairie, whose music can be found here.It is the solo project of a former member of Maplewood Lane, a group whose music was featured on a number of television shows, and reached the Top 10 on charts across the Pacific Northwest.

The Broadcast Debut, an indie band from Seattle. They are currently recording a new album and info about them and all of that is on their site.

Karen Kosowski is a Toronto area pianist-singer whose latest album Meeting the Future at Full Speed is a beautiful piece of pop composition. Check her out here.

The final song, The Vast Majority, by The Mass Romantics can be found at the myspace linked over there –>.

In other news The Sunrises was played on another podcast, The Insomnia Cafe. It’s a great show with lots of fun music, and appears to be out of the Netherlands. The Alder Fork has gone global!

As always short post because of the podcast. Please check it out either through the link on the side, or on iTunes. If you like it and haven’t done so yet, you can subscribe to the RSS feed. Also please pass on the podcast to your friends and relations, who knows they might like it too!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of The Verve’s latest album, Forth.


One Response to “Meeting the Future At Full Speed”

  1. Karen Says:

    Thanks for playing my music! 🙂

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