As You Do To The Least Of This

She said he was a most peculiar man.

Simon and Garfunkel

A Most Peculiar Man

Recently I visited the Wentworth Country Museum in Fergus Ontario. It is located in the former House of Industry, which is a fancy name for a poor house. It was a place that destitute, elderly, handicapped people or unwed mothers were sent.  It was a working farm and the residents “earned their keep” in exchange for food and shelter.  As someone who once worked in a homeless shelter I can tell you that while the way in which society deals with these people has changed for the better, the general public’s attitude towards them has not.  It’s fairly well acknowledged that the stigma towards poverty and homelessness remains a challenge to meaningful social change.  The answer seems to be education, particularly among our young people.  Before their was The Alder Fork I directed a large amount of my publicity to groups working with addicts and the homeless. This will continute going forward. Should you want to learn more about this widespread and systemic issue, you can visit the Poverty Watch Ontario site among others.

One local initiative I support is Heart Cry Restoration Ministries. Last summer’s Mid-Summer Festival of Peace and Tranquility was used as a fundraiser for them.  They work with recovering addicts as they transition into what we consider regular life, and helps them learn job and life skills. If you get a chance please check out Heart Cry.

I hope to discuss some of the issues associated with mental illness in a future post.

Short post because I’m out of town don’t forget to check out the podcast over there –>. Thanks for your continued support of The Alder Fork in all its forms.


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