First and Goal

I’m dragging you down, but you’re dragging me down, hey, and you’re slowing me down.



More snow is falling here today, and a brand new podcast will be up at some point today.  Shoveling always disrupts my schedule. Music on the show by Canada’s own, Broken Social Scene, The Stills, and my friend Snoovy.

Snoovy played at the last Mid-Summer Festival of Peace and Tranquility and played a fantastic set.  The crowd absolutely loved her.

I have occasionally touched upon sports related topics here on the blog.  I usually hesitate to do so because there are so many sports blogs that cover the topic much better than I ever could.  As it turns out today is either the 8th or 9th anniversary of the failed XFL, which was the WWF’s attempt to provide a spring alternative to the NFL.  I remember watching some of the upstart league with it’s unusual, but mostly useless rule variations. For some reason it didn’t occur to the founders of the XFL that if you create a more violent form of football your best players will be repeatedly injured leading to a lower caliber of play.

I mention this because once again my love of nostalgia leads me to remember the failed CFL expansion into the United States. For those of you who don’t remember this in the early 90’s the league decided that growth in the US was feasible and desireable.  While making the league bigger was a failure economically, and on the field (only the Baltimore Stallions were successful and they became the Montreal Alouettes), I still love the quirky uniforms and logos that those expansion teams had. I always create a CFL league in my Madden games, complete with the San Antonio Texans, Baltimore Stallions, Birmingham Barracudas, Memphis Mad Dogs, Shreveport Pirates, and Sacramento Gold Miners.  You might call it a bit weird but i’s a fun diversion for me.

If you ever visit the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum here in Hamilton you can still pick up some odds and ends from that era. A contingent from Baltimore continues to attend the Grey Cup each year.  Otherwise this era of the CFL is mostly ignored and forgotten.  I wonder how many thrift stores in the cities listed above have t-shirts, hats, and even jerseys from that failed experiment.

If you are taking some time to reflect on the XFL today, as many sports blogs and sites are, give the CFL some thought because they were one of a long line of football leagues that wanted a piece of the NFL pie (along with the USFL, WFL, and arena football).


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