Doodledo Doodledo

Spinning tales, you ride away.

The Alder Fork

HG Plant Companion 3.1

Today, I am pleased to share a new version of HG Plant Companion with you.  The melody and lyrics have been altered. This is likely not the final version of the song, but this is the direction it is headed.  I have already given the original story of this track in a previous post. You can read about it and hear the earlier version there.  The lyrics convey the same story but in a more succinct way.  I think the changes have enhanced the musical quality of the song.  On the next episode of the blog I will be debuting some more songs from the new EP. You voted on the name and the top selection was: The Colour I Remember Most. At least one of the other options will be appearing as a track title on the album, and it will be available in CD form for those who want it.  That is all for today, please enjoy HG Plant Companion 3.1:

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One Response to “Doodledo Doodledo”

  1. fallicule Says:

    Sounds great, Peter. I like the new guitar part that you added. The stretched out lyrics are an interesting interpretation. Time will tell if I like the new lyrical delivery more or less than the original…


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