Unrealistic Comparisons

Love, love me do, you know I love you.

The Beatles

Love Me Do

I am a fan of history both old and new.  I have been rereading Peter Brown’s insider account of The Beatles, The Love You Make. For 400 or so pages Brown treats the reader to the fascinating story of the world’s biggest band.  It was published in 1983, so many of the events depicted were relatively fresh in his mind.  Although I would never compare any of my own accomplishments to those of The Beatles, especially in regards to song writing or popularity, I find the conception of Apple Corps to be somewhat similar to The Alder Fork.  Besides the obvious natural imagery in the name, the vision that Paul Mcartney expressed in at a press conference in New York City sounds a lot like my ideas about The Alder Fork.  He said, “It’s a controlled weirdness, a kind of Western communism. We want to help people but without doing it like a charity.”  While for the band this ended up being a way to avoid paying taxes on their fortune, and to spend money on wild schemes, it was a dream that still has merit. I lack the financial resources to give away money and tell people to “Go away and do it,” as Paul wanted.  I do hope, however, that The Alder Fork can contribute to helping people realize their dreams.

Before I start to sound like a pie-in-the-sky dreamer, my point is the one advantage of my “business” model has been low cost for realitively high output.  To some degree the impetus of success for The Alder Fork is the work of a community of people that is slowly growing around it. This will hopefully lead to something much bigger in a few months but I’m keeping that a secret. For now I am happy with how things are progressing on the new EP, the blog, the podcast, and a few other fun little projects I’m currently working on. I highly recommend checking out the book I mentioned above if you are at all interested in the back story of the most influential band of all time.

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