Growing Up, Looking For A Place To Live

In your eyes, the light, the heat, in your eyes, I am complete.

Peter Gabriel

In Your Eyes

Before I break into today’s post I wanted to mention that I was watching some NBA All-Star action tonight and they had a band performing at one point.  The group had an MC along with their singer and all he really did was tell the crowd to put their hands up. It really seemed like a waste of time having him there since he didn’t really add anything to the performance.  He was pretty much there for the sake of being there.

So more great tape finds when I was out shopping in Guelph this weekend. I now have Peter Gabriel’s So and Dire Straits Brothers in Arms. The latter was apparently one of the first albums that was digitally recorded, because it was intended for the CD market. It’s a bit ironic that I own it on tape.

Peter Gabriel is one of my favourite songwriters.  He knows how to capture a feeling, an idea. a story, or a cause and manufacture that into an entertaining song.  In his early days with Genesis he was known for creating elaborate theatrical performances as part of the band’s stage show. This included a number of costume changes.  If you’ve caught any of his solo career tours then you know this hasn’t changed one bit. From the phone booth in Secret World to the giant bouncing orb in Up he continues to blur the line between theatre and rock concert.  I would recommend checking out either of his concert films (corresponding to the two toures lited above) or any of his albums. My personal favourites are So, Up, and the soundtrack to The Last Temptation of Christ. In fact, this last album provides the listener with an ethereal sonic journey.

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