Here Comes The Helicopter

You’ve got to kick at the darkness’til it bleeds daylight.

Bruce Cockburn

Lovers In A Dangerous Time

Suns up, mhmm, looks ok, the world survives into another day, and I’m thinking ’bout eternity, some kind of ecstasy’s got a hold on me. This is one of those nights when a good song fills the air, and I rock back and forth on my couch.  Is there anything else quite like a musical compostion?  Sound can influence emotion in rich and significant ways.  Although at various points of history larger compositions have been very popular, symphonies and concept albums being ready examples, the song as a unit has generally been the preferred form of music for people through the generations.  I mention all this because my good friend Dave, who has often been mentioned on the blgo and podcast has launched a new site he calls, The Song Review. Basically he takes a song that he enjoys and dissects its musical and thematic content.  He has a great passion for music, and his site is the perfect outlet for that.

I have quoted so many Bruce Cockburn songs as a way of encouraging Dave to take some time and pick one of his songs to write about. I’d also recommend some Simon & Garfunkel, The Band, and of course The Alder Fork.

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One Response to “Here Comes The Helicopter”

  1. fallicule Says:

    Will do, Peter. I’m thinking “If I Had A Rocket Launcher” or “If A Tree Falls”…

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