Spend Some Time Love

I get by with a little help from my friends.

The Beatles

With a Little Help From My Friends

The conversation about the future of music continues today. I was listening to Bill Simmons’ podcast from the other day, and he was discussing how music had changed with his friend Jacko.  They are both excited about the new U2 album (one that I’m not that interested in for reasons I can go into another time) and they lamented that in 20 years no one will be that excited about the new releases from current popular bands.  It is probably valid to ask which bands that have formed in the last 10 years will still be beloved in 20 years.  I tried to come up with a list but was pretty unsuccessful. Maybe someone out there has a better idea about this than me.

I have just started a brand new job, well a 10 week contract job, working on a big youth volunteer challenge.  It’s a fairly exciting way of promoting volunteerism among young people.  I have talked at length about volunteering on a couple episodes of the podcast because I think it is an important part of creating a quality society. Some interesting Canadian volunteer facts:

12 million people in Canada volunteer and provide two billion hours of service each year

Canada has the second largest number of volunteers in the world

Volunteers contribute the equivalent of $26 Billion dollars worth of labour and services

Without volunteer service Canada would not be the country it is today, and the fact is we could do even more with a larger percentage of the population chipping in. If you haven’t put in some free hours lately, consider it. I think the world will be better for it, and so will you.


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