Little Nits and Tiddlywinks

We look out upon the sea. The coast is always changing.

Maximo Park

The Coast is Always Changing

It’s been a few days of adventure around here, so today’s post will be noticeably abbreviated.  I would like to comment on something that’s been bugging me lately.  It’s really a nitpicky thing, but recently I was on the University of Waterloo campus, at night, in a rain storm.  When I was originally a student there, virually every building was open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which allowed students to move quickly across campus through warm, and dry hallways.  As I approached Biology, Modern Languages, Hagey Hall, and Arts Lecture, I found myself tugging at locked doors. I haven’t been able to find an explanation for the change of policy, but I can only assume it has to do with security and vandalism.  I am disheartened by this change, and even though it seems like a silly thing to be upset about, I think it demonstrates the unfortunate state of campus life. If buildings do indeed need to be secured during off hours, then I guess we can’t trust apparently mature students.  I used to make my way over to Hagey Hall and the PAS on nights when I needed to think or get some work done.  I suppose I wouldn’t be able to do that now.

I probably should’ve seen these changes coming.During my frosh year I lived in a residence that didn’t have a locked entrance door. During the day anyone could wander into our hallways.  We obviously locked our individual rooms but our friends could come right to the door when visiting.  By second year the open entryway was replaced with a locked door that most of us quickly hated.  I couldn’t wander down to have lunch without having to bring my keys.  Again this is a tiny little inconvenience, but it really marked the los of a fun fantasy. The illusion that university was safer and more carefree than regular life.  The times certainly are changing.

As a side note.  A UW student from the early 90’s found his way into the service tunnels that run all over campus and created a website about it.  It’s a short but interesting tale.  Exploring secret or forbidden places is a popular hobby all over the world, and there are a number of other sites detailing people’s adventures underground.


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