Clickity Clack

Come they told me parumpapumpum

The Little Drummer Boy

I was wandering around the internet the other day and I came across a great post.  Someone has found a way to determine if a particular songs drum track was recorded using a click track.  For those who aren’t wise to the ways of musical recording a “click track” is basically an electronic metronome used to keep perfect time.  I use this technique in many but not all of my recordings. A click track makes it easier to use digital instruments because you can loop the same parts over and over again and now that they will be in time.  I won’t say much more about the post but I highly recommend it.

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One Response to “Clickity Clack”

  1. fallicule Says:

    Neat post, Peter. Those graphs were pretty interesting. I found myself laughing out loud at some of them (obviously the non-click ones).


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