Where Something Something Something Before

I had a really weird idea while watching the second pilot episode of the original Star Trek.  With a new movie coming in May and the prequel series Enterprise from a few years ago, the Star Trek universe has thrown off the fashion and design of the 60’s that dominated the original series. The consequence is an original series that seems dated and old, even if an attempt has been made to keep some of the details consistent. For example, despite having more impressive looking display screens, the control systems of the recent TV series Enterprise maintained the physical switches of TOS.  Of course, it is just a TV series, and one for which continuity has occasionally been an issue. But it occured to me that it’s entirely possible that styles similar to those found in the 1960’s could reappear 300 years later.  In fact, I’d hazard to guess that nostalgia for earlier times will continue to be part of human culture indefinitely.  Just as in many places around the world buildings and parks are maintained to the way they looked in some past century,  architecture and design in the future may mimic, to some degree, older styles.

So could TOS really represent a nostalgia renaissance from the future?  It’s a pointless question, but a fun thought experience.  When our descendants are dressing in orange and yellow jumpsuits and hanging out with interstellar hippies, then we’ll have out answer.

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