He Knows I’m Right

I’m counting my blessings, ’cause I’ve found true happiness, ’cause I’m a-gettin’ richer, day by day, you can find me in the phone book, just call my tool-free number, you can do it anyway you want, just do it right away!


Jesus He Knows Me

I had a great chat the other night with my friend Steph about the Branch Davidians.  You may remember the disaster that occured in Waco Texas when the FBI and David Koresh’s cult came up against each other.  We briefly debated the controversial aspects of the fire and the death of everyone, but I wasn’t that interested in it.  I was more fascinated by the character of Koresh, and his apparent Messianic beliefs.  I also kept saying “he was likely a child molester,” but that is beside my point.

The song I quoted above is not so much about the characters like David Koresh who gather small followers in an isolated place in expectation of a life altering event, promote communal life, and often have many sexual components as well.  Rather, Phil Collins and company are singing about folks like Benny Hinn, one of my least favourite people on earth.  It’s been proven fairly conclusively that many people can overcome physical ailments for a brief period of time due to the effects of adrenaline and euphoria.  The evidence has been piling up against these con artists. I will be writing a much more involved series of posts on this topic in the future. But for the moment lease check out this incredible documentary on Benny Hinn from CBC’s The Fifth Estate.


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