Wouldn’t You Say Again

Spinning tales of wonder, you ride away.

The Alder Fork

HG Plant Companion (Hybrid)

Tracks for my upcoming album The Colour I Remember Most are coming together nicely. I anticipate it will be out before the summer months.  You can hear some of the songs I’m working on here. If you have any interest in helping me promote it please send an email to thealderfork@gmail.com.

So far this album has echoed the previous effort, The Lights I See You In Shadow, in that the songs exist in two different planes: they are either melody based, or atmosphere based.  Songs like Twenty Five and Back and Forth are quite different in concept than The Mountain or  Affirmation. For many years I only wrote music that conformed to the former style, while I secretly desired to do more experimenting with the latter.  I would say that TLISYIS was about a 50/50 split in styles.  This new collection will be around 85/15 or even 100/0 atmospheric.  Although all my songs have both melody and atmosphere to various degrees,  I recognize that my writing is bipolar in a way.  But the switching of styles is an ongoing evolution of my songwriting.  I hope that I will continue to create songs that conform to more than one vision.  I am also hoping to write more songs for other people, because I think each new person who plays one of my songs enhances its meaning and content.

My biggest fear has always been that I will write songs that lack originality.  I acknowledge that some of my music heavily relates to my diverse inspirations.  I take comfort in knowing that when I sit down with an idea, the song I create, even if it has elements of other people’s work (not directly copying but in tone) it is still my own creation.   I hope that when you listen to my songs you find both my meaning and your own.  That’s the purpose of sharing, after all.

A quick side note, I mentioned that I’m working on solidifying the meaning and purpose of The Alder Fork. I hope to have that printed in the blog in the next couple of days.


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