These Are The Good Old Days

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Before you click on the video be forewarned there is a little bit of swearing in the song, so it’s likely not appropriate for work or small children.  This is another of a long line of National Film Board clips that I have featured.  The video was made in 2006 as part of the Making Music initiative (as part of Pop Montreal). Filmmakers and musicians submit their proposals and several are chosen. Ben Steiger was fortunate enough to be selected in 2006, and made this unique and intriguing film.

The artist is Socalled, a hip hop/klezmer act from Quebec.  According to his bio he’s had quite the intriguing life.  His music fuses a very traditional music form with a very contemporary one.  I caught a full scale Klezmer band this summer in Ancaster and thoroughly enjoyed it. Socalled’s music is probably unlike anything else out there.  I’m glad to see he is still thriving in the Montreal scene.His music really does seem to be what happens when Judaism meets the inner city.

The video itself is quite surreal.  The concept seems to be the life of the 6 armed accordionist MC.  I don’t want to give too much away about it, but I really scratched my head to figure it out.

I love the recording of this song because it is very raw.  I think it captures the sing-a-long quality of the main melody.  The rap portion is suitable for the overall song.

This film is quite good, and well worth a watch. I’d also recommend checking out Socalled’s other work.

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2 Responses to “These Are The Good Old Days”

  1. Dave Says:

    hm… I was expecting a post on ‘One Week’…

  2. ponpilate Says:

    Patience! This post was written before last night.

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