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A short while ago this blog was home to a discussion of concert tickets.  It was spurred by the Ticketmaster situation and the many governments that were reacting against them.  I was again contemplating this topic today because I came across this article yesterday in my local newspaper.  The current economic situation is hammering just about everyone and the music industry is hardly immune.  The fact that this could drag down the cost of concert tickets, while also limiting the availability of shows due to overhead costs, is both a blessing and a curse.  While the average ticket buyer might be able to afford more shows (I’m not sure this is true since many people will have less disposable income to begin with), artists risk losing some exposure because they can’t afford to go on the road outside of a limited geographic area. With the internet, radio, and television it is likely that music will remain global rather than become regionalized, the concert going experience may be changed for awhile.  We could see stripped down shows, with lower prices, and probably fewer fans in attendance.

It is possible that the number of larger popular acts will be pared down as there is less money in the business overall.  The quantity of groups putting on large scale performances will have to decrease as gross income begins to diminish.  This might open the door for people who love live music to seek out alternative (re: cheaper) venues, or to rely on the radio/internet for music.  So I can foresee two outcomes that may or may not happen concurrently.  Perhaps more bands will reach a lower level of success and many bigger bands will be forced to scale back.

The net result of all the changes may be inconsequential because when the economy recovers the prices should go back up.  I’m not usually one for actually predicting long term outcomes (readers of this blog know I prefer to look backwards rather than forward) so I suggest reading the article and drawing your own conclusions aobut it.  For now, if you have the money try to get out and enjoy some cheaper shows.


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