Don’t Let It Get Away

Today was an absolutely beautiful day. It’s funny how winter changes my perception of a somewhat warm day.I used to regularly have link days around here.  I would share some of my favourite sites and give a little commentary about them.  In honour of a lovely day I present you with some sites worth giving a look.

I want to start with my friend Dave’s flickr page.  He is a great photographer and he constantly experiments with new techniques and subjects.  The wide range of photographs virtually guarantees something for everyone.  He usually focuses on extremely small objects and derelict buildings.  He mixes in a lot of other subjects but those seem to be his main focus.

Among the many distractions that fill my days is Basketsim. This online basketball simulation game is quite fun, even if the presentation is not flashy or exciting.  I have been playing for well over a year (and 4 seasons in BS time) and I continue to visit daily to check up on my team and the forums.  If you’ve ever wanted to manage a basketball team against people from your own country and around the world give it a try.

I watched a great program about Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner on Bravo today.  I have not seen this movie but I had heard of it.  It looks quite amazing, and unbeknownst to me it won quite a lot of critical acclaim in 2002.  I mention this because it is coming to Moviepix! If you are like me and haven’t seen it I recommend checking it out.  It looks like a fantastic piece of film.  I don’t think there is any other movie like it.  Once I watch it I will write a review (7 years too late).

The final site I want to plug is now defunct, and is fairly well known, but it’s worth a read.  I have gone through every post on Fire Joe Morgan at least 4 times.  They continue to make me laugh. If you like baseball, intelligence, common sense, or The Office (the FJM guys were writers on that show) you should love this site.  The site is not just about getting rid of Hall of Famer and Sunday Night Baseball commentator Joe Morgan.  They debunk a lot of bad journalism all with an eye towards making you laugh out loud over and over again. Even though they closed up shop last November, there is still a vast archive of first rate humour.

This is a very short post today. The weather was just too nice!  Tomorrow looks like another live concert review.


3 Responses to “Don’t Let It Get Away”

  1. Dave Says:

    Thanks Peter!

  2. Brett Says:

    Thanks for the tip on the basketball sim. Just registered the Mechanicsburg Blue Crabs. I have a solitaire college basketball simulation game you should check out at Pretty good time waster.

  3. Doug Folkins Says:

    The Fast Runner is a great show! I hope more Canadians watch this film.

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