All This Was Mine

When youve got a dream like mine, nobody can put you down.

Bruce Cockburn

A Dream Like Mine

About two weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted to spend a post discussing The Alder Fork Projects and what my vision is for the future of this work.  This blog and my podcast are both more popular than ever, and I have a number of exciting interviews planned in the coming months.  I think that I am slowly figuring out what I do best with both mediums and that hopefully means the content is regularly improving.  The most exciting news comes from the music side where my newest work is well on its way.  I have several musicians coming into the studio in the coming weeks and I’m preparing to really roll this one out.

As for my vision of The Alder Fork.  When I started this thing several months ago, I thought it would be a fun diversion for a little while, and that I would eventually move on to other distractions.  Instead it’s become an important art of my daily routine and a focal point for many of my interests.  This has meant I can incorporate my annual festival and my love of social causes into my otherwise arts-based projects.  I want to emphasize the importance of supporting social causes as a central component of The Alder Fork. It is one part of the projects (along with the band) that I want to see grow in scope and success.  I think it is very important to make a positive contribution to society, even in the smallest way.  For that reason I will continue to write about social causes and feature some guests on the podcast who represent agencies and events that raise awareness of a wide range of issues.  The Alder Fork will likely grow in many directions in the coming weeks and months.  It promises to be a fun ride.


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