Links? Maybe not.

In all the time I have written this blog, I have never lost an entire post. Until tonight. I had put together a link day with some fun bits about a Newfoundland and Labrador commercial (watch the third one), the Hamilton Timeraiser, and Laura Smith’s upcoming tour. You can follow the links if you like. 

Since I lost the entire post I was left reflecting on the impermance of electronic data.  Earlier today someone reminded me that I should be backing up my work in case my harddrive fails, a not uncommon occurence.  I back up everything on an external harddrive and occasionally usb sticks.  Of course, some of my writing is done on old fashioned paper.  It is less likely that paper will “fail” since the biggest threat to that medium is fire or accidentally throwing it out.  Now it is more likely that paper will be misplaced, but it’s always fun to find a long lost song or poem (I continue my quest for the elusive CS1).  There are those who prefer to read real books, and write on actual paper rather than using computers for those activities.  I try to strike a happy compromise between the two.  Here’s a poem:


Began as it does
Finding its meaning
In the ice
Where boys and men
Girls and women
Carve their lines
And slap their sticks
To express
A century’s old meaning
When a plant and a bear
Meet out there
Only one will win
And it won’t be pretty
From corner to corner
From post to post
Across a country
Circling the world
In rinks  
Floating playgrounds
From father to son
And Mother to daughter
Losing its meaning
Ends as it does


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