From The Harbour Out To Sea

This land is your land, this land is my land.

Another Victoria Day weekend has arrived in Canada.  It’s an occasionally debated occasion in this country.  Everyone is in favour of a day off in the middle of May, but some aren’t so sure we should be celebrating a long dead monarch who never visited this country, and represents the deplorable concept of imperialism to a large degree.  Regardless this is a chance to shake off the winter and be hopeful for a long, warm summer.

In honour of the weekend here is a new song from my upcoming album The Colour I Remember MostCoast to Coast was written back in the fall as a folk-inspired piece. I immediately shared it with my good friend Matt in the hope that he would cover it.  In the meantime I’ve tweaked it in my own style.  Lyrically this track is at first a meditation on the economic crisis that has gripped the world, but my intentions were a bit deeper than that. I was thinking about what people focus on in their lives, and what events leave long term effects.  I might have been wondering how history will remember this period of time.  I might also have been spouting some philosophical nonsense. You be the judge.

As with all my songs this one is subject to change. Enjoy Coast to Coast.

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