See my ghost, see my ghost.


Weighty Ghost

That song is fantastic, please download it.

Despite a windy, cold, and soon to be rainy day, the thought of summer is alive around here.  A time for hiking, camping, gardening, outdoor sports, and reading on the deck.  One of my favourite writers, Alice Munro, won the Man Booker International Prize this week.  Unlike the yearly Man Booker Prize the biennial international award recognizes an author for outstanding contributions to literature, not a specific work.  This is the third time the award has been given and Munro beat out such accomplished authors as E.L. Doctorow and Antonio Tabucchi. It’s worth noting that Margaret Atwood was nominated for each of the first two awards (2005, 2007) but failed to win. She was not nominated this year.

Alice Munro is from Wingham, Ontario, and won a Governor General’s Award with her first published work.  She is primarily known for working in the short story genre.  For more info about this incredible Canadian talent visit her Random House page.

I was inspired recently by a discussion about the state of television.  The commentators concluded that TV producers have more or less run out of new ideas.  I often wonder if our various artistic endeavours will run out of innovative techniques.  Have we pushed art, music, theatre, tv, and film to a point that future changes will be modifcation rather than innovation?  I don’t have an answer to this question but it’s worth thinking about. I suppose the biggest wildcard factor is technology.  Since we can’t predict what machines and computerized devices will be available, it’s hard to say where the boundaries will be. We can only hope that our great great grand children will still admire our creations, and that they will be able to develop their own style.

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