If You Don’t Know, Electric Co.

If you’ve stumbled here looking for info on The Alder Fork, check out the post before this one. If you’d like to read more of my ramblings, keep going. This is the choose your own adventure blog entry, or so it seems.

While it is possible to list dozens of reasons why someone might choose a particular career path in their life, most people would likely answer that they stumbled upon their current job as a by product of circumstance, chance, and opportunity.  The U2 quote that adorns this post can be taken completely out of context as a delightful job advertisement. If you don’t know, Electric Co.! Now Hiring!  There is a group of fortunate people who chose a career between the ages of 7 and 17, figured out how to get there, and now work away at it.  For everyone, either they found their real dreams elusive, or simply couldn’t decide between options A-Z.  The latter camp are the ones who often accidentally become the thing they are most adept at.

As a young person I never imagined that I would complete a Master’s degree, let alone one focused on spirituality and eating disorders.  Even as an undergraduate I had know idea where I’d head next.  Choosing to apply to university was the first difficult choice, followed by deciding which one to go to, followed by choosing a major, followed by establishing a post-undergrad plan, followed by a post-masters plan, followed by a second post-masters plan, followed by…you get the point.  Sometimes living as a life drifter leaves my head all spun around.  The Graduate, a classic movie starring Dustin Hoffman, addresses this particular problem. I used to think I loved it for the Simon & Garfunkel soundtrack. Now it’s clear I identified with young Benjamin in his quest for a meaningful existence, first in sex, then in love, and ultimately it seems in the ordinary life of marriage.  For him, those things were never really the answer. He hungered for an explicable element of existence that is almost unreachable. Ben never finds that something in his time on screen.  Hopefully, I will fair better.

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