Beautiful Skies

Recently I have been thinking about the moon and the stars a lot.  Not so much the technical aspects, but more the real majesty of the universe. For a place that is so filled with empty space it is really very beautiful.  For millenia, people have tried to find meaning in the stars, without any real success.  The only real meaning to space is the underlying principles that govern the formation and movement of objects.  Some people would say that ignoring a “deeper” meaning robs the universe of its magic.  I think that trying to force an explanation onto reality serves to minimize the true wonder that really exists. Yes, there may be more to the universe than we can see, there may even be a supernatural explanation to existence. For me, however, there is only the inescapable fact that the universe is beautiful, mysterious, and full of unrealized possibilities.  This is the starting point of my latest project.

I don’t intend to write an album about stars and planets, but rather to play around in possibilities. My hope is to explore some familiar topics in new ways.  I also promise that future posts aren’t so self-indulgent!

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