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July 14, 2009

Those who are familiar with this blog know that I have two other ones floating around.  The more important of these two is  If you stumbled in here looking for information about the band, or The Alder Fork Festival, that is the place to go. The site is updated with up to the moment information about both.

News You Can Use

April 27, 2009

Fighting for the smallest goal: to get a little self-control
I know how hard you try. I see it in your eyes
But call your friends, ’cause we’ve forgotten what it’s like to eat what’s rotten
And what’s eating you alive might help you to survive.
We went on as we were on a mission, latest in a Grand Tradition
And oh, what did we find?
It was Ego who was flying the banner, and me and Mia, Ann and Ana
Oh, we’d been unkind
But do you believe in something beautiful?
Then get up and be it

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Me and Mia

Just a quick post tonight because I have been very busy enjoying nice weather and wrapping up the 2009 Change the World Youth Challenge. I wanted to confirm to everyone that the Eating Disorder Awareness Coalition of Waterloo Region is on board as our supported organization for The 2009 Alder Fork Festival. If you’ve followed this blog, or know me personally, you hve heard about my passion for this cause. The battl many people wage against their bodies is dangerous, deadly, and unnecessary.  Eating disorders are dangerous mental illnesses, and poor body image is a chronic issue in our society.  A great deal of work needs to be done to educate people about both of these concerns, and EDACWR does a great deal of work in this area.  Just a reminder that the event will be on Saturday, September 12th, 7pm at the Reigstry Theatre in Kitchener. There promises to be great music and a lot of fun.

If you think you might be developing an eating disorder please seek help.  Find the strength inside yourself to say that you want to get better, and understand that starving yourself, and/or purging are not healthy activities.  I realize it is an immense challenge but please try.  For everyone else, if you don’t already love your body, take a deep and long look at that relationship.  There are many good reasons to love yourself.

It’s The Rhythm Of The Sea

April 7, 2009

Sleeping in my favourite shirt.

The Clark Institute

Sleeping in my favourite shirt

New podcast is up today.  It is a very special 25th episode.  I announce the details for The 2009 Alder Fork Festival.  I also talk a little bit about the history of the event and the chosen charity, Eating Disorder Awareness Coalition of Waterloo Region.  I will probably devote an entire blog post to the organization, and am planning to set up a separate page for the festival.  The rest of the details are:

The Alder Fork Festival
In support of:
Eating Disorder Awareness Coalition of Waterloo Region
Saturday September 12, 2009
Featuring the music of:
Dave Fallis
The Clark Institute
Matthew Blacquiere
The Alder Fork
The Registry Theatre
122 Fredrick St., Kitchener, Ontario
Doors at 6:30pm, Show starts at 7pm
$10 available from the acts, by emailing or at the door