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Before I Pull The Covers Down

January 16, 2009

I’m desperate now to see your face.

All of the Above

This Car

New podcast is up! This show features a chat about independent music including Shameless Records (see the interview below). It’s a very musical show, and as always you can find it over there –>.

Music includes This Car by All of the Above, an all brother band from Saskatchewan. They have been getting quite a lot of positive attention in their home province. Check them out here.

The Wheat Pool makes their first appearance on the podcast after being featured in a previous post. They are an Edmonton based band that have gained a national following. You can learn more about them, including their fun blog here.

Rose Reiter’s song Tender Sky closes the show.  She is a B.C. based musician who has won acclaim and had her music featured in several films.  Her music including a new single can be heard here.

As part of the show I mentioned an interview I conducted with Shameless Records President Glen Erickson.  He runs the independent label that represents The Wheat Pool, Leisure Co, Andy Shauf, F & M, Hector Fector, and Nick Perrault.  You can visit their website for more info. The part that follows is in a Q & A format. Thanks again to Glen for agreeing to do this and be part of The Alder Fork.

Can you tell me what drives your passion for music?
I really love new music, I always want to hear something new.  There is an incredible energy in being hooked by a new song.  I think that is the narcotic for me, and working at the label means my focus gets to be on the creative process all the time.  its pretty great.
What keeps you going in the face of increasing competition?
I don’t know if I’ve ever thought about competition.  You know there are a lot of bands and artists and labels out there trying really hard, maybe harder than I am.  There isn’t a formula for success, so just working your hardest at doing what you do best is motivation enough.  Being happy with what you see in the mirror makes a difference.
To what do you attribute your success?
I don’t know if I would consider us successful.  The label isn’t paying any bills, I don’t have a problem admitting that.  Maybe the fact that I’ve found a way to survive for six years is success.  Sticking to what we believe and feeling satisfied with accomplishments seems successful.  Helping some of our artists begin to achieve their goals feels pretty good too.
How does your identity as a Canadian label affect how you go about your business?
It doesn’t.  I’ve never considered it.  Being a western Canadian label that isn’t Vancouver has some impact.  Does anyone care about anything not in Toronto?  It rarely seems like it.  Not being able to walk down the street to meet with any major industry partner face to face creates some serious hurdles.  My artists are western Canadian.  Its hard to get them touring, its such a huge sacrifice, and ironically its twice as important.  We need to get in the face of the rest of the country and its not easy.  So thats the real issue.
Is being Canadian particularly important to you?
Terribly significant.  I love it.  Regarding music, we have the most incredible indie music scene, the best in the world.  Makes me feel great to be part of it, like I got drafted to the Oilers in the 80’s.  Incredibly lucky.
Where do you see your role in the cultural mosaic of this country?
Shameless has a place perhaps.  It would be an honor if we are ever considered that way.  I hope to find some special artists, people who I believe in whole-heartedly and know the world should hear, and Shameless can play the role of bringing that artist to the world.  I hope we can be the voice of a special brand of music being made out here too.
Do you have plans outside of music promotion?
I’m trying to live an intentional life and do the things I love, and not do the things I don’t love.  The people of Shameless share that spirit.  So whatever I do it will be what I am passionate about.  Thats a lot of things all the time it seems, too much to discuss.
What is the next big project for Shameless Records?

Probably The Wheat Pool and their second record, which is going to be recorded and released in 2009.  A lot of eggs going in that basket.  They are in the writing phase while continuing to expand their touring schedule in support of last year’s Township record.  It’ll be “the most un-country country record” I hear.