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Whispers, In the Dark

December 24, 2008

And my gratitude goes out to you.

Urban Moon


New podcast is up today.  As always you can get the feed over on the side, or just click on the link for iTunes and subscribe there. This week is Winter-themed, with me talking endlessly about the stuff I think about when I’m shoveling snow, and playing music by The Mass Romantics, Urban Moon, Matt Blacquiere, and The Alder Fork. Yep I catered to my friends. But it’s Christmas here, so deal with it! It’s also Hanukkah so I hope the season is going well for my Jewish friends. Since the bands today don’t have websites, except for The Mass Romantics, this will not be the usual link day. Indeed since it is Christmas Eve, and I will most likely be enjoying the freedom of the season (aren’t I always?) I want to give you some happy thoughts to move ahead with.

My sources tell me that volunteerism has reached an all time high in North America. I certainly hope this is true because it means that more and more people are taking responsibility for bettering their communities. After all it is really about community now, certainly more than it’s been in a long time.  As someone who grew up ina city I know how unusual it is for people to associate with their neighbours in a meaningful way. Fortunately around here there is snow to be shovelled so we get to see some of the members of our community when we move their snow around.  Otherwise, who knows when we’d see them.  Even in this city there is a difference depending on which neighbourhood you are in. In the older parts of the city people tend to know each other and interact a lot more than in the new. Unless you have children who happen to be friends (increasingly rare I think) what other reason do you have to see the people down the block?  The importance of community is clearest when the economy is struggling or the weather is bad. It is at those moments that we rely on others to come together with us for mutual benefit.  Christmas generally puts people in a giving mood and let’s hope 2009 finds that spirit rolling on.  Thanks for your continuted support of The Alder Fork. If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift, why not give The Lights I See You In Shadow, because it’s free and it’s good! Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!