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Tell Me, Tell Me

April 14, 2009

I’ve got stories galore and a few moves in store

Doug Folkins

King Henry’s Good Times

New episode of The Alder Fork Podcast is available here, on iTunes or over there–>.

It features a fun interview with Amanda Putz of the CBC.  She has been a host on CBC Radio’s Bandwith and Fuse.  She can be heard hosting on CBC Radio 3, and is involved in B.C. Scene in Ottawa.  For more about Amanda check out her bio on the ever reliable Wikipedia.

Featured music is by Doug Folkins and The Mass Romantics.  You can read my review of Doug’s latest album here, and hear Max’s visit to the podcast here.

I asked Amanda for 5 Canadian indie bands we should be listening to right now, and she gave me 6. Here they are with links to their websites:

Said the Whale

Dan Mangan

Justin Rutledge

Meredith Luce

NQ Arbuckle

Jill Zmud

Jenn Grant

This is a great list. Take some time and check these acts out.

My Insides Twist About

April 6, 2009

We follow the footsteps of the Spanish through the streets of Santiago.

Doug Folkins


Today I am reviewing Another Last Call by Doug Folkins.  You can pick it up on iTunes or here.

Doug Folkins is a New Brunswicker living on North Vancouver Island.  His music is clearly rooted in the aesthetics of the East Coast. In the last 9 years he has released 5 albums, and played countless shows.  Although I have not been fortunate to catch him live, the 3 bonus tracks on his latest album give a taste of what must be an electric performance.

At the outset I should say that although I do enjoy the east coast/celtic musical tradition, it is not at the top of my regular music rotation.  So even though I am familiar with many of the great names, I am not as well versed in that particular indie scene.  I do hope that Doug is a good representation because I enjoyed this album.

Another Last Call lives up to its name by being the perfect music for an evening at the pub.  His songs have enough punch and bounce to keep spirits high, while providing meaningful lyrics.  A song like Streets of Rome (which appeared on an earlier episode  of the podcast) belongs with some of the best Celtic music out there.  I give him credit for providing an interesting vignette about a trip abroad in an unexpected package. The album contains 10 studio tracks and 3 bonus live takes.

Another stand out track is King Henry’s Good Times.  It could be the subject matter, but it’s more likely the catchy beat and sing-a-long melody.  I think this track is one of the best on the album and would be the one I suggest you get if none else.

I found that the songs seem to fall into two categories, those about traveling and those about adventures at bars and pubs.  I think that works perfectly with the music, and as we all know, a  lot of the best celtic music is about drinking.  I wonder if Doug would view Another Last Call as a kind of concept album.  It’s subject matter does seem to revolve around those main themes.

Doug’s back up group are all very proficient musicians, including some of Spirit of the West, and I was impressed with the rich and professional production, something that is sometimes missing on indie releases. The live tracks (recorded with The Molly Hogans) are also slick and clear.

Overall, Another Last Call is an enjoyable piece of East Coast/roots music.  I can definitely hear the influence of country music in these songs.  I would recommend this album if you enjoy the work of Spirit of the West, Great Big Sea, or, perhaps surprisingly, someone like Conway Twitty. Doug does a good job of telling simple, yet interesting stories set to solid music.  One of the big challenges for someone playing East Coast inspired music is to escape the stereotype of being a St. Patrick’s Day and pub band.  I think that Doug is well on his way to doing that.  I hope he continues to explore possibilities outside of his comfort zone.

Doug has been recognized by many other podcasters and more mainstream media members. The future is bright for this songwriter.  Another Last Call is worth checking out, so get on over to iTunes and preview away.

Onward and Upward

March 4, 2009

I’ll wait for you on the streets of tonight.

Doug Folkins

Streets of Rome

New podcast is now available over there–> This is the first of what will be several visits by my good friend Kern.  We had a two hour conversation the other day and I will be including bits and pieces in up coming episodes.  I apologize for the sound quality issues during the chat, but I have worked out the bugs for any future phone chats.  Skype was not being kind to me.

The show also features music by Doug Folkins.  He is an east coast musician who has worked with Juno winners, and plays a great brand of celtic meets country meets rock music.  You can find out all about him here. I will be reviewing his new album on a future podcast.

The next episode of the podcast will be up later this week.  I actually have a lot of material to use in the next while so expect shows to appear more frequently.

There has been a lot of chatter about the new U2 album. My friend Dave tackled it briefly on his blog, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has more to say about it.  I have only heard one full song and part of two others.  I am not in the least bit impressed with this effort. I also wasn’t a big fan of How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. My love affair with their music basically ends after Pop. But I implore you to go back and listen to the first 4 U2 albums. Boy, October, War, and The Unforgettable Fire are all excellent albums.  Theyare full of youthful exuberance, creativity, and passion.  I think U2 is entirely capable of creating a great album again, but I’m not sure if they ever will again.  Perhaps it is finally time to rest on their legacy a bit, and just tour. U2, get out there, play the hits, mix in some old forgotten favourites, and let your fans reward you for all you’ve accomplished.