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The Eggplant Revolution Revisited

November 25, 2008

She don’t mind the late night, late night radio.

David Gray

Late Night Radio

Second year was an exciting time at university. Chronologically we have reached the fall of 2002 and the winter of 2003.  I played a lot of coffehouses with the Daves, and alone.  I also dated someone for awhile, leading to a song, and a rule that I wouldn’t write songs about people (just recently broken!). It did include a favourite line of mine, which was repeated on the liner notes of Forgotten and Lost Songs Live, a summer of 2003 performance: “And this is a mystery that we’ve been waiting for, and this is our chance to be so much larger than before.” The song, and the relationship, didn’t really work out. The biggest event of 2002-2003 was my acquisition of a BOSS zip disk based 8 track recorder. Suddenly my recordings took one step up in quality and complexity. I was no longer stuck to what I could do through my laptops mic input onto cheap mixing software I got through shareware. I began the process of recording songs that would end up on the very long album EKBALLO, which I will discuss in a couple of days. I also made a tape (TAPE!) for my friends, but I don’t know if any copies still exist.

The CD that I put out at the end of second year seems to be lost in time. I do not have a copy of it and no one else seems to.  Instead I have music from a live performance I did in the summer while I was working at Mission Services (for the first of many summers).  At this point I should mention Ken Barr who will be an important part of the story especially with the early days of Pinstripe Mystery. He was working at the Mission when I started and we shared a love of music. Forgotten and Lost Songs Live features a lot of my old repertoire and most importantly three songs that never appeared anywhere else, Blue Sky, The Garden, and Lonely Soul (mispelled Lonlely Soul on the back). In the liner notes I encourage people to “Watch out for the Eggplant Revolution,” which was the title of a major album I never recorded. It was going to be The Lights I See You In Shadow before I had the means or the imagination to make it happen.  I have included these three songs today, in case you haven’t heard them. The one problem with them is their location at the end of the CD. By that point my voice had become very tired and dry, so the quality isn’t always great. What you can notice is a continuation of the storytelling theme in my songwriting. Enjoy!

Blue Sky

The Garden

Lonely Soul

One final note: This Saturday from 12-3pm on C101.5 FM you can hear one or more tracks from The Lights I See You In Shadow on The Jelly Report. It’s a show hosted by my old pal Matt Jelly. You can stream online here.