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The Good Old Hockey Game

April 4, 2009

Hockey is well known as the dominate sport in Canada. So I think it is well within the mandate of this blog to bring you this.  That is quite possibly the greatest available piece of sports memorabilia in the world.  I can’t even begin to fathom the story that must be behind that sweater.  It has somehow survived 90 years of existence, and is now available to the general public.  Sure the guy who wore it was a mediocre player on a lousy team, but this sweater predates the Great Depression. It’s from the first NHL team to play south of the border and that first season. If you’ve got the money, here is a good play to spend it.(Thanks to uniwatch for the original link)

This entry also gives me an excuse to link to another antique sweater that may have been lost to time.  A group of collectors are hunting down a sweater from the Hamilton Tigers NHL team. The team was only here for 5 years and left after the players refused to participate in the playoffs without extra pay (they had the best record in the league at the time).  The franchise was sold to New York interests and became the New York Americans.  As the group points out there is lots of info out there about Hamilton’s futile efforts to get an NHL team. I have long wanted a replica Tiger’s sweater, but little did I know that some people were hunting down an original. To date they have had no success other than following an alleged trail that hasn’t quite panned out.  With all the bad news surrounding this city in the last many years, I think something as silly as this is a nice distraction.  Hamilton has a proud heritage and I’m glad there are people attempting to hang on to it.