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Inside, Outside

May 20, 2009

This blog is occasionally a peak into my private life. It’s part of my commitment to be broad and enlightening.  I think I’ve mentioned my passion for puppets, muppets, and other fictional stuffed characters before.  At one time I considered entering the field of puppetry, but never really considered it a realistic goal.  Perhaps it would’ve been an ideal outlet for my creative energies.  The influence of Jim Henson on my life, (and those of countless others) can’t be underestimated.  I mention this so I can draw your attention to a group of handmade plush creature makers.  Their site links you to all the plush creations you could ever want.  I highly recommend checking them out.

I also enjoy this topic because it provides an opportunity to discuss imagination.  In particular, I am interested in the concept of the inner creative life.  Growing up as an only child I spent many hours on my own, and managed to create vast worlds with my toys.  There was always a backstory, and ongoing dialogue for each adventure.  To this day I breath life into my video games, board games, and solo sports, by inventing a narrative background.  This may be indicative of an underlying mental issue, but I think it is a reflection of my overactive imagination.  To some degree most people create fictional elements to their own life. This can manifest in the way they interpret others’ actions, or how they understand their own role in society.  For example, most people tend to view their own activity as more important and positive than it might be.  We are the heroes in our own lives.  The invention of an alternative creative life is probably a byproduct of the monotony of ordinary life.    It is also related to our ancestor’s creation of rich mythology.  Their motivation was to find an explanation for the world around them.  Some people still seek supernatural explanations for the elements of their life, but the creative inner life is more interested in spicing up and enriching ordinary life.

A Title? What’s That?

December 5, 2008

There’s a hole where it oughtn’t be.

Matt Blacquiere

Pocket Financial Crisis

New podcast up tonight or early tomorrow morning. As always you can find it in the links or by searching for The Alder Fork on iTunes. This week features music by Black Nite Crash, The Clark Institute, and the song quoted above.There is also a very frank discussion of a less than classic album.

There’s a lot going on in Canada this week.  It seems we can’t go ten minutes without some political person freaking out about the state of government.  It seems a little odd to me that we would have an election after next to no one showed up to vote in the last one.  I think they’d have more success with a dance off. But enough of this political jibber-jabber.

You know I’ve been fortunate to travel in Europe, Canada, and the United States, and to see a wide variety of architecture and terrain.  This is irrelevant except that there is no place I can go that rivals what appears in my imagination. Yesterday I finally watched the third Futurama movie, Bender’s Game, and although I have never played Dungeons and Dragons I definitely appreciated that imagination was a main plot point.  I spend a great deal of time in my own head, envisioning music and other things.  I think it’s a healthy activity that not enough people involve themselves in.  I am always glad to see kids using their imaginations rather than relying on TV or video games to provide it.  Short post today because of the podcast, I will be back with a lot more tomorrow.