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A Big Sensation

November 26, 2008

You and I march to the beat of a different drum. Oh can’t you tell by the way I run, every time you make eyes at me.

Michael Nesmith

A Different Drum

The new school year (Fall 2003) began with a show featuring, Matt, Dave Zettel, Dave’s friend, and myself playing for 150 frosh at St. Jerome’s. We played exclusively covers, fell down a little bit trying to be cool, but basically had a great show. That kicked off an emotionally turbulent year for me. Somewhat living up to what the song above talks about.  I did, however, play plenty of coffeehouses at the SLC, St. Jerome’s, and St. Paul’s, and met Max Woghiren for the first time. He would later become a musical friend, and Pinstripe Mystery‘s biggest fan.  I actually put out two albums that year, the latter of which will get it’s own post tomorrow. In and Out of Tune is a collection of “live” performances that took place in my residence room.  I don’t think anyone was present for them.  When I think about that year, I am always reminded of Ken Cheney. He was a wannabe rock star who sang over midi tracks at various coffeehouses.  He did a version of Back in Black that made Raffi sound hardcore. It was hard not to laugh at him, but at least he was genuine about it. Winter 2004 saw a live performance where I played through a broken string to thunderous applause from one person, Jeff Akomah.

I think at this point it might be useful to explain why I went through all this every year for little or no recognition from anyone but my closest friends (who in any event had to be nice about the whole thing).  I really like music. I like creating something that is uniquely mine, but I can share with lots of other people.  It’s a rush when you write a new song, or add a catchy part to the end of an old one.  It is also a great way for me to get out emotions I don’t want to talk about.  People often wonder what my songs are about, and sometimes I will kind of explain them. But really everything anyone needs to know about a song is already in it.  If I wanted to say more, I think I would have.

I have picked up two songs from In and Out of Tune. The first was a fun little song that I wrote when I first bought my BOSS recorder. It’s called Elvis Costello Vs. John Lennon on the Ed Sullivan Show, August 3 1967. The second was a one off song that I never played again called Banana Republic. It was heavily influenced by a course I took on the preferential option for the poor and the plight of Latin Americans. I have never written a more political song. In fact, I don’t know that I’ve written another political song.

As you can tell, 2003-2004 was kind of a boring year musically, except when it came to EKBALLO, the subject of tomorrow’s entry.

Elvis Costello Vs. John Lennon on the Ed Sullivan Show, August 3 1967

Banana Republic