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Where In The World Is…

August 31, 2009

Although Rockapella brought geography and acapella music to a generation of youngsters, this post is not about them, or the Carmen Sandiego line of video games. Instead, I have an update on a previous Alder Fork Podcast guest.

Laura Smith is a very talent B.C. based musician and songwriter. You can hear her on the June 15th, 2009 episode of the podcast.  Her music is available here. She has a tour diary and some live videos on her youtube page. I mention her today because she is setting out on a West Coast tour and I am privy to the dates. If you get a chance to check her out live, you will be very pleased. Here is the list:

September 1st 8pm-10pm Melodies in Mind on CJSF 90.1FM, Vancouver, British Columbia

September 6th 8pm The Railway Club w/ City of Glass and Isobel Trigger, Vancouver, British Columbia

September 8th 11:30am UVIC BBQ – w/ City of Glass, Victoria, British Columbia

September 8th 3:00pm CFUV 101.9 FM live acoustic performance/interview, Victoria, British Columbia

September 8th 9:00pm Logan’s w/ City of Glass and We are the City  Victoria, British Columbia

September 10th 8:00pm The Habitat w/ Immaculate Machine, Kelowna, British Columbia

Friday, September 11th at the Ironwood in Calgary

September 12th 4pm-6pm The Empress w/ Colleen Brown (early show!), Edmonton, Alberta

September 14th 8:00pm The Exchange w/ Eldorado, Shiloh Lindsay and Joseph Blood, Regina, Saskatchewan

September 15th 8:00pm The Park Theater  w/ Living in Red, Patrick Keenan and guests, Winnipeg, Manitoba

September 18th 10pm Houstons Western Canada Music Awards Brandon, Manitoba

September 26th 8:00pm Rifflandia Festival  Metro Theatre, Victoria, British Columbia

Marching Marching

June 15, 2009

Face the monsters bring them to tears it’s all you need to hear.

Laura Smith

I Spy A Monster

A new episode of the podcast is up. As always it is available over there –>. My special guest is Laura Smith who is currently touring across Canada in support of her recent album Sea of Stars. If you get a chance to check her out in Toronto at C’est What on Wednesday at 10pm or Cabin on Thursday at midnight, you won’t regret it.  For more information about Laura check out her site.

When I Spy A Monster

January 21, 2009

Get myself a final glimpse of the world I used to live in.

The James Clark Institute

The World I Used To Live In

Yet another episode of The Alder Fork Podcast is available over there –>. This episode features a discussions about a classic TV show, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and interreligious dialogue. Needless to say it is a bit of a different show!  I am featuring music by the very talented Laura Smith, whose music you can find out about here, and The James Clark Institute.

If you are interested in learning more about interreligious dialogue I recommend using google to find a local group that is involved in facilitating that type of discussion. Kitchener-Waterloo has the Interfaith Grand River group. Organizations like this tend to exist in most centres with a number of religious communities.

Short post today because of the podcast, but tomorrow our first guest writer, Iwona Szkudlarek, will bring us Six things you didn’t know about the GTA.

Such A Long Way To Go

December 11, 2008

A Foggy Drive Down Highway 6 at 7:15am

Today I am posting my first picture here on the blog.  This photo was taken while stopped at a light on Highway 6 around Puslinch Ontario.  It was so foggy that I hadn’t seen the sun yet that morning when it popped out briefly and allowed me to capture it.  The rest of the drive was in dense fog. I was oblivious of where I was (due to the fog) when I suddenly saw a sign for Zellers on my left. Now I am no photographer so the picture itself is not that great. But I do think it perfectly captures that morning and what I was facing weather wise.  I will periodically post other pictures I have taken and will take in the future.  I have some interesting ones!

The title of this post is a reference to Laura Smith, a west coast musician I have fallen in love with (in the musical sense, not the romantic sense).  She is a multi-instrumentalist who writes beautifully complex songs.  I recommend checking her out at her site. You will also be able to hear her on Monday’s edition of the podcast as part of my all-Canada podcast.  If you like jazz inspired indie pop with a healthy dose of accordion then she’s the gal for you. I highly recommend it!

I’m planning to do a concert film review tomorrow and would like some input on which concert I should watch. You can vote on the poll below. Your options are:

The Police – Synchronicity Concert

Coldplay – Live 2003

Peter Gabriel – Secret World Live

Paul Simon – You’re The One

Simon & Garfunkel – Old Friends Live on Stage

The Tragically Hip – That Night in Toronto

I have a bunch more but those are the 6 I’m limiting it to today. The final product should appear Friday or Saturday.

Vote now!